Acrylic 60"L X 32"W X 5.5"H Right Drain Showerbase in White

SKU: EB4116032R

Your Emory & Bond Acrylic Showerbase has a single threshhold design with integral tile flanges on three sides to ensure a tight, leak-free installation. Available in three drainhole configurations of Left, Right, or Center, addressing any bathroom design you can imagine. One-piece construction of highly durable and low maintenance acrylic, the floor of the base is lightly textured to help prevent slipping when entering, exiting or moving about while in the shower.

  • Size 60"L X 32"W X 5.5"H
  • Single threshold
  • 3 sided tile flange
  • Right hand drain
  • Slip-resistanttextured bottom
  • Meets CUPC standard
  • Specification Sheet

    Installation Sheet

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